Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Vatican Finances Compared

The Vatican has issued its income and expenses for the 2010 fiscal year. In short, the Vatican took in €245,195,561.00 ($356,281,000.00) as income and spent €235,347,437.00 ($341,972,000.00)- a surplus of €9,848,124.00/$14,309,800.00

I always get a good laugh when people talk about the 'waste' at the Vatican. Many people make it out to seem that the Pope swims in money like Scrooge McDuck. In honesty, the Vatican operates with very little money, especially considering all that the Vatican does (restoration of priceless art, feeding the hungry, wages for lay employees, education, aid to the poor, etc.) The Vatican operates, arguably, the largest organization in the world, and yet it has a relatively low budget. You might want to check my math, but let's compare:

The University of Georgia has a budget of $1 billion (difference of  $658,028,000).

The State of Florida in 2010-11 had a state budget of $70.5 billion (difference of $70,264,652,563).

The City of Atlanta in FY2011 has a total budget of $559,523,746 (difference of $217,551,746).

The Southern Baptist Association has a budget of about $600,000,000 (difference of $243,719,000)

Swimming in money? No, I think not.


  1. Thank you so much!! That is awesome to see because I agree, I am so tired of people claiming we have all this money when we DON'T!

    Unfortunately, I also find it sad that we have 1.2 billion Catholics in the world and it's apparent that not even half of them are giving even a single DOLLAR to the Church on Sundays.

  2. @Rach:
    It is sad. We in the West have more money than at any time in history, and yet we probably give a much smaller precentage than ever in history.

  3. It's not just TheVatican.... I keep hearing that "The Churches" are rolling in money (and wonder what happened to our share of it.)

  4. according to the "Wall Street Journal", the Legion of Christ (of Maciel infamy)in 2008 had assets worth $25 billion with a $650 million annual budget. Swimming in money . . . I think so !

    1. So you want the Catholic church to sell the vatican and every building, book & article they own (which you claim is worth $25 billion). You really think $25 billion is a lot of money?!? What about the waste Obama spent in 1 shot of $800 BILLION with a debt of $15 TRILLION. If $15 TRILLION doesn't help the poor what makes you think a mere $25 BILLION would do squat! You just hate the Catholic Church. I bet you are gay and that is why you have them.

  5. @Contemplative Catholic:

    Yes, it appears the Legion of Christ does have a big budget. But as the Vatican does not have access to that budget, then it couldn't be counted in the Vatican's budget. Just as the Knights of Columbus couldn't be counted in that way, or your local parish.

  6. 1-They have BILLIONS and they own the 22% of ALL THE ITALIAN BUILDINGS, for which they pay NO TAXES at all. not even a dime.
    2-they spend only the 20% for charity.
    3-They have the Cayman Isles... they HAVE them!!! They have their banks (at least legally, not sure if it's physically) there.
    4-Money at the Cayman isles is over ANY LEGAL CONTROL.
    5-aid to the poor <--- omg hang yourself, that is just "commercial" so italian people keep on giving the 8/1000 of their taxes to the vatican (yes, in italy, if you don't say specifically that you don't want to give them the 8/1000 of your taxes, VATICAN TAKES THEM by a stupid italian law)

    Education<-- they actually RECEIVE money for their private schools from Italy.

    I am italian and every year we SEE how it goes.

    1. Besides sitting in your mommy's basement in the dark blogging what real proof of anything you dribble here? Document, website, names of people, company's, banks etc etc. It's easy to type your crap but where is the proof?

    2. You may be of Italian decent but you are NOT from Italy. You would not use the poor words & bad grammar if you truly were Italian. You speak/type like a poorly educated (in public schools) in America.

  7. @fr:
    Could you provide some sources to back up your conspiratorial rhetoric?

  8. Price-Waterhouse was the first institution to look at the Vaticans books and saw total deposits for the year to be $40 billion dollars. That by the way was in 1994. The Vatican also does not recognize church property to be considered assets and list properties at a value of $1 lire (Italian dollar). As of March 30 2012 Price-Waterhouse will drop the Vatican as a client due to what they refer to as false reporting.
    For reliable and very informative information you can read "The Vaticans Finances" Dr. Monsenor Rafael Rodriguez Guillen 2003(a priest by the way)
    or "The Vatican Billions" Avro Manhattan 1983

    And yes the church made deals with Hitler that still stand today in Germany